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Do You Have Neuropathy?

Treatment with Neurogenx Reduces or Eliminates Neuropathy Symptoms in 4 Out of 5 Patients!

The Neurogenx Treatment safely uses cutting-edge, patented, high-frequency electronic waves to gently reach deep down through muscle and tissue to relieve neuropathy symptoms and severe neuromusclar pain. The Neurogenx Technology is FDA-cleared and clinically-proven as an effective treatment for nerve pain in the feet, legs, hands and arms.

I’ve been in really bad shape. I got to the point where my legs were in constant pain, I couldn’t walk, and I was falling all of the time. I actually got to the point where I was using a cane and looking at getting a wheelchair. I called the number to Neurogenx looking for any kind of hope. And now I’m walking and enjoying my life again, and it’s because of the wonderful team at Neurogenx.

Felicia W.
John Doe UI/UX Designer

I have been unable to get a full night’s rest in over a year, and lost most of the feeling in my feet due to diabetes. The numbness in my feet had affected my walking so much that I feared I would not be able to attend Alabama football games, something that I enjoyed dearly. After coming to Neurogenx, I am happy to report that not only am I sleeping through the night, I have about 80% of the feeling back in my feet, and am attending most of the Alabama games and will continue to do so!

Jerry M
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Miracles Do happen! 

I’m 61 years old, have Parkinson’s disease, and have been an insulin-dependent type ll diabetic for over 20 years. In my case, diabetic neuropathy made my toes feel as if someone had taken 80-grit sandpaper and sanded the skin off.

I began Neurogenx treatments and didn’t feel anything after the first sessions, but about 10 minutes into the third treatment the miracle happened! As if someone flipped a switch, the muscles in my legs started tensing, flexing and moving – they came back to life! When I walked across the rug, for the first time in years I could actually feel the fibers!

I had been taking Lyrica, an extremely expensive drug which only masked the problem – and has some pretty nasty side effects itself. I’m now Lyrica-free and saving almost $300/month in medicine. There is hope! Miracles do happen.

Todd W.

Jane Doe
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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